Valentine’s Day Couples Contest Entry: Chubear Cosplay & Lynard as Cortana & Master Chief (Halo 3 and Halo 4)

Here’s one of the entries for our Valentine’s Day Couples Contest! Chubear Cosplay and Lynard are cosplaying as Cortana from Halo 4 and Master Chief from Halo 3. Our Chronos wig in blue black fusion was used in this cosplay!  Learn more about these cosplays below!

What inspired us for this costume:
We both made our own costumes in order to have it for the Halo 4 midnight launch last year for Gamestop. Lynard is a huge Halo fan and gamer so he naturally wanted to create the main character male for the event! I made the Cortana outfit specifically for the launch because I work at Gamestop and wanted to make the event awesome by having both main characters there! Because of this outfit, it made me pick up a genre of games I’m usually not interested in, and was surprised to discover and enjoy the story behind the game! I hand dyed and painted a bodysuit for Cortana using fabric paint and a glitter over the paint, then screen printed circuitry detail to the base design. Lynard made the undersuit himself and the armor from pepekura and hardened it with resin fiberglass, bondo/sanding, and hand painting all the parts himself. The whole concept of the picture is to show the storyline and relationship between Cortana and John (Master Chief) in Halo 4. If anyone has played through the ending, they will understand the reasoning behind our decision to have my feet deteriorate. The quote is one of the last things Cortana says to Master Chief. I’m not ashamed to say I cried like a baby, and so did my boss (whose a tough dude) HAHA!

What got us into Cosplay:
Olivia – I got into cosplay for the first time when my friend dragged me to a Final Fantasy XI event in San Francisco and we spent all day making the fishing outfit for me on a child’s sewing machine to go with her chocobo outfit. It was so janky, but I had so much fun and I loved that outfit so much because it made me appreciate all the hard work that goes into every costume no matter how simple the design is! Then I started going to anime conventions and it’s history from there!

Lynard- Lynard is a gamer and awesome nerd! He’s always made things and crafted things at work and at home, so it fell into place that he started using his skills to make and bring to life his favorite replica props and armor. His first outfit was a spider man suit he made from scratch 15 years ago and has been actively making stuff since then! He’s also made an amazing Skyrim outfit and even hand forged a steel hammer for the midnight release!

Why we love Cosplay:
Olivia – Cosplay has truly become an outlet for improving my artistic skill and creativity! I love working with my hands and also sharing my experiences and learning from other cosplayers. It is also a great excuse to dress up all year round because Halloween just isn’t enough and I like to dress up as my favorite characters from games I play! Cosplay is also awesome because when you go to the conventions, there is so much love and excitement! it is something we all have in common and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone! I’ve made such good friends through cosplaying and it has made my life fuller and happier!

Lynard- Lynard loves cosplay because he loves the process and build of making all the little details exact in his work. Cosplay is peaceful to him and pushes him to strive to be better and improve his skills with each costume whether it is using real metals/new materials or trying a new method for armor, suits, weapons etc. Cosplaying is something he feels great pride in when he completes a project, especially since each character or prop is from a game or comic he truly loves!

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