Valentine’s Day Couples Contest Entry: Jenny & Naomi as Jak & Ashelin (Jak 3)

Here’s one of entries for our Valentine’s Day Couples Contest! Jenny and Naomi are cosplaying as Jak and Ashelin from Jak 3. While neither of these cosplayers used our wigs we have some great recommendations for wigs that you can style to use for cosplaying these characters. For a Jak cosplay we recommend our Apollo Wig in Canary Yellow(color discontinued. May consider Rich Butterscotch Blonde) For a Ashelin cosplay we recommend styling our Nyx Wig in Dark Red. Look on to see some more about their cosplays!

Our Apollo Wig in Canary Yellow
Our Nyx Wig in Dark Red

-What inspired you to do these cosplays?
Our love for the games, we found each other on a cosplay forum. Naomi was trying to organise a group and I enthusiastically joined her.
We have become such good friends through doing these cosplays and are currently making some new costumes from the game to form another group later on in the year.
There is also a distinct lack of J&D cosplayers and we’re trying to get more people back into the series and interested in joining us.

-What got you into cosplay?
For me it was another friend of mine, she went to some local conventions and would tell me all about them and all the costumes, it sounded like so
much fun so I saved up and attended one and have been loving it ever since. I was already quite arty so creating all the costumes was a great way to learn some new skills and discover
new materials. For Naomi it was the desire to meet lots of new people and constantly learning and improving on skills, every costume brings new ideas and techniques to immerse yourself
in for a few months, then improve on them for future reference.

-Why do you love cosplay?
I think I covered that in the previous question, for both of us its meeting so many new people and the chance to share knowledge and ideas for crafting techniques.
There’s always a new challenge with every new costume, its always so satisfying being able to work on something new you might not have tried before and see it come to life when
you’ve finally finished it and wearing it all together for the first time.

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