Valentine’s Day Couples Contest Entry: Rocky & Lexi as Kaito & Luka (Vocaloid)

Here’s one of the entries for our Valentine’s Day Couples Contest! Rocky and Lexi are cosplaying as Kaito and Luka from Vocaloid! For a Kaito cosplay we recommend our  Chronos Wig in Cobalt Blue. For a Luka cosplay we recommend our our Persephone Wig in Princess Dark Pink. Read on to learn more about these cosplays!

Rocky: I had gotten into cosplaying through my friends showing me all sorts of wonderful cosplay and I just couldn’t get away from it lol. We are not wearing epicwigs though I have seen many I love. And I’m not sure why Lexi had gotten into cosplay she doesn’t know I’ve entered us into this lol I thought it’d be a nice surprise. Thank you for you’re consideration!

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