Your path to becoming a skilled and dangerous swordswoman begins with one of our beautiful bangless wigs. Specifically, our Helen in Black is nearly perfect for replicating Katana’s unique hairline. This wig comes equipped with a long skintop across the hairline of the wig, creating a slicked back appearance similar to that of a lacefront wig. Due to it being a bangless style, it requires little to no effort for Katana’s sleek hairstyle. An alternate style we would recommend would be the Aura in Black!

Harley Quinn
It couldn’t hurt to have a little bit of fun while playing the role of a “hero”, right? In fact, it’d be an absolute crime not to cosplay Suicide Squad’s lovely new Harley Quinn design using one of our two ready-for-mayhem styles. Your first choice is our incredibly unique pulled back pigtail style, the Gaia. This wig comes equipped with a fully skintop lined back to create the illusion of a natural hairline, and is pre-tied into high pigtails. Due to the skintop, these pigtails can be adjusted higher or lower with ease, or even completely untied to create a beautifully parted look.

Your second option is one of our 20″ Clip-On Ponytail set, which includes a base wig along with two removable ponytails. Our face framing Chronos style serves as the base, and both ponytail clips can be secured onto almost any part of the wig. This makes the style incredibly versatile and easy to maintain.

For tips on adding Harley’s new cotton candy color scheme, check out our brand new dip dye tutorial!

To cosplay Enchantress, you’ll need a style as dark and mysterious as she is herself. The perfect choice is our bangless style, the Eros, in pure Black. Just like our Helen style, the Eros has a skintop hairline used to create a natural appearance similar to that of a lacefront wig (without the hassle of any glues or tape.) The Eros falls at a beautiful 26 inch length, and the thick wefting makes it easy to create an almost “feral” appearance. If you’re looking for something longer, check out our 40″ Athena wig.

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