HALLOWEEN SALE! 10% off till 10/26 plus arrival by Halloween!

Hey EpicCosplay fans! Halloween is a week away! You can still get our wigs in time for your trick or treat shenanigans if you order by October 26th! Just to make this holiday a little sweeter (it is our favorite costume holiday after all!) we’re giving 10% off to all purchased made before October 26th! In order to redeem this discount please enter EPICTREAT as the promotion code at checkout! Pretty Epic, right? Check our website out at development.epiccosplay.com

Source Artist for image unknown. Please let us know if you know the artist so we can give them the credit for the art (we always want to give credit where EpicCredit is due)! We felt the image fit perfectly with the Halloween theme (and we have a custom line of MLP:FIM wigs too!)!

  • Jul 13, 2020
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