Never dyed or curled a wig before? Read first!

Never dyed or curled a wig before? Read first!

Even though some synthetic wigs may look like real hair, it doesn't mean they should be treated like real hair. If you are new to working with our wigs (or other wigs that are of similar quality) and planning to curl or dye them, we encourage you to read some tips and guidelines so you won't have to make the same mistakes that most of us did. πŸ˜…

Dyeing Wigs

Typical hair dyes are not the most effective for dyeing synthetic wigs, because synthetic wigs are unable to absorb them. However, the following type of dyes are recommended for synthetic wigs like EpicCosplay:

Fabric dyes that are made for polyester and synthetic material

(ie: Rit DyeMore, iDye Poly)

Alcohol-based ink

(typically can be found in your local craft store)

Ink from sharpies

Curling Wigs

Curling an EpicCosplay wig or a wig of similar quality may be different from curling human hair. For instance, using a curling iron on human hair usually involves curling a strand and then letting the hair go. Instant curl! For synthetic wigs, however, the curl needs to be held into place after it is curled with a curling iron. Once cooled, the curl will lock into place.

Curling Methods

Curling Iron

While wearing heat gloves, curl a strand with the iron, then immediately pin the curl in a rolled shape. Unpin curls when cooled.

Hot water method

Roll up wig strands w/ rollers or foam curlers. Dip into a pot of water that has been boiled. Unroll curlers when wig has been cooled. Let air dry.

Steamer or steam gun

Roll up wig strands w/ rollers or foam curlers. Apply steam onto curls. Cover wig with plastic bag to trap warm air. Unroll curlers when wig has been cooled.

**Please be careful when using any of these methods as you are using hot materials!**

***In addition, not ALL synthetic wigs are made out of the same fibers so while these dyeing and curling methods we've listed here tend to work on OUR wigs, it does not mean it will work on OTHER synthetic wigs.****

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