There are many different ways to curl our wigs and one of them is using steam! We've created a helpful video tutorial on how to do that, which you can check out right here:


Of course, you can always use other methods to curl our wigs such as using a flat iron, curling iron, rollers, heat gun etc. Regardless of what you're planning to use, always keep in mind of the following:


These fibers are ultimately made of out of plastic which means you should treat it as such. Ever worked with Worbla, Sintra or craft foam for your cosplay? The fundamentals of creating something out of those crafting materials primarily consist of heating the piece and holding it in place until it cools down to keep the shape. The same method applies to heating a synthetic wig that can take heat. So after curling a strand make sure to hold the curl in place, either with your own hands or using a hairpin, until it cools down. When the fibers cool down, it would then lock the curl into place.


Our wigs can withstand heat up to 410 degreesF but always be extra careful as not all heating tools are calibrated correctly, so we strongly suggest to keep tools like flat irons between 280-340 degreesF to avoid changing the fiber's texture. 


When straightening a wig, always remember to go over a strand with a flat iron and not quickly go over it again right after. This would most likely add on heat to existing heat on the strand thus potentially going over the heat limit. 


We hope this will help for anyone who's new to using heat on wigs! Be sure to message us if you have any questions regarding curling or straightening a wig! ^-^


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