Show Us How You Style Your Wigs!

Anime and video game hair isn’t always the easiest thing to recreate. Whether it’s gravity defying spikes, insane amounts of curls, or other things that simply should not exist by the rules of logic and physics, artists have always pushed the boundaries of hair in character design. The battle for cosplayers to recreate their favorite character extends to the wigs that they need to style to match the costume they are creating.

Seeing as we are a wig company, EpicCosplay is extremely interested in hearing what you have done to our wigs to achieve the look you were going for. Did you take a wig and cut it? Did you experiment with cross sectioning wefts? Did you buy some of our wefts to make a custom ponytail? Did you take one of our 30” wigs and make the world’s craziest afro? We want to hear your stories! All entrants will receive a minimum of $10 in EpicCosplay gift credit but you have the chance to earn more! Keep reading for details!

As with any submission there are rules. THE RULES ARE AS FOLLOWS.

-Please submit all entries to

– Entrant images should use an Epic Cosplay wig in their submission. Please inform us of which wig and color you used in your submission. Entries with picture walkthroughs of how they styled their wigs are worth more points (which will be covered later).

-Submissions should be done in a tutorial style to allow readers to follow your steps as you created your wig!

-Entrants should talk about what wig they purchased, what cosplay it was for, what they needed to change, how they went about making the changes, factors that contributed to the decision to buy the wig that they did, etc. A list of possible questions you may want to cover is at the end of this page.

– If applicable, the entrant is responsible for obtaining permission to use the image from the photographer and any cosplayers also in the image. This is so that we can share these images on our Facebook page and website.

– By submitting an entry, the entrant agrees to allow use of image in Epic Cosplay promotional material.

-Select entrants may be interviewed by Epic Cosplay Staff. We would like to find out more about our customers and their decision making processes. While the entrant reserves the right to decline the interview we would like to make you aware that you may be contacted for further questions.

– There is no limit to the numbers of entries that can be submitted, however we can only award quality submissions.

-Submissions will be judged and be awarded points for content, quality, etc. by EpicCosplay staff. These points will then be used to determine how much we choose to award the entrant in EpicCosplay store credit. Entrants will be eligible to win anywhere between $10-$50 USD in credit so you win no matter what!

In addition to the rules, we have some image guidelines as well for photo submission. They are as follows.

– Images that have been heavily altered, are blurry or do not clearly feature the contestant cannot be accepted.

– The entrant must be the focus of the image, though other individuals may be present in the background

– Work in progress images are encouraged.

– Please avoid using images taken via mirror reflection

– The wig/hair pieces involved must be clearly visible

– Images submitted need to be at a minimum 800×600 in size

Now that all of the rules have been covered, we’re sure you’d like to hear about our prizes! The prizes that we will be giving out for this contest will be EpicCosplay gift certificates worth anywhere from $10 to $50 dollars! Every person who enters the contest will win $10 dollars automatically! Quality submissions will be awarded gift certificates more than that up to $50 amount at the discretion of EpicCosplay staff. This way, everyone who submits get a little for their work!

That’s it folks! We can’t wait to see your entries! If you have any questions about the contest, please feel free to email for information! The following are suggested interview questions for you to cover in your submission! Thanks and good luck!



Suggested Interview Questions

-What wig did you use (length and color).

– Your experience with wig styling. Did this help or hinder your ability to style your wig?

– What tools/styling products did you use while styling?

– Do you recommend any specific styling tools or products to use when styling our wigs?

– What do you like about our wigs when it comes to styling?

– What techniques did you use when styling our wigs?

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