Candela: If you’re looking to ignite the flame and represent Team Valor on your Pokemon GO journey, we recommend using our Apollo in Dark Brown for Candela’s spiked and asymmetric style.
Blanche: If you’re more of the cool and collected type, check out our Nyx style in Silvery Grey or White to represent Team Mystic. This style reaches the mid-back and can easily be tied into a low ponytail.

Spark: If you’ve got the energy to keep going and going until you catch ’em all, try out our Apollo style in Caramel Blonde and represent Team Instinct as Spark! This naturally spiked and layered style requires minimal work, leaving you with more time to catch Pokemon.


Female Trainer: Our Phoebe style is a natural looking, pulled back ponytail style that includes a wrap-around ponytail extension for added length and volume. Without the need for a bulky clip, the wig’s ponytail can easily be pulled through the back of a hat or visor.

Male Trainer: The Apollo style, one of our most popular for male characters, is specifically made to be spiked with ease. Layers upon layers of fiber make styling this wig easy as running your fingers through the wig and adding a bit of hairspray.

Light Brown

When it comes to this trainer style, you have two lovely shades to choose from: Our Light Brown and Walnut Brown! If you’re looking for a warmer shade with the slightest hints of red, we’d recommend our Light Brown. For those in search of a cool and earthy shade, Walnut Brown (not available in Apollo) is the way to go!

Dark Brown

Nothing comes close to Dark Brown than our Dark Brown!


We have a whopping three choices for you to choose from if you’re aiming to cosplay a purple haired trainer! The first is our Lux Purple, our most vibrant and lively shade. If you’re looking for something a little darker with the same vibrancy, our Royal Purple sits right in the middle. As a final option, we have our gorgeous Purple Black Fusion — A unique blend of both purple and black fibers that come together and create a deep and dimensional shade.


Depending on how much of a yellow tone you’d like in your wig, we have two options for the blonde trainer: Natural Blonde and Caramel Blonde. Our Natural Blonde is exactly as the name leads on: A natural and desaturated shade containing only pale yellow tones. Our Caramel Blonde (not available in Pheobe yet) is a bit darker, with more of an emphasis on golden yellow hues.


Your two options for the blue haired trainer depend on whether you’d like a solid shade, or a blend of different colors. Our Midnight Blue shade is a deep, solid shade of blue whereas our Blue Black Fusion is created using a blend of both Blue and Black fibers, resulting in a deep and dimensional shade.

Blue option for female trainer coming soon!


Depending on how much of a red tone you’d like in your wig, your choices are Copper Red and Cocoa Brown. As the names imply, Copper Red contains a much more prominent red hue, whereas our Cocoa Brown (not available in Phoebe) is a softer brown shade with the slightest tint of red.

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