Ruby: We recommend Aura and the Chronos styles in Black. Since she has an asymmetrical haircut, the Aura would need to be trimmed on one side. Chronos would be more suitable if you don’t want to trim anything yourself. To get the red streaks, 15″ Apple Red weft extensions can be sewed in to the wig.

Yang: Her hair is extremely yellow so the Hera in Rich Butterscotch Blonde would be the most accurate.

Blake: Hestia in Black would be our first choice but if you prefer something longer, we have the Hera in Black instead.

Weiss: There are actally many different options for this character but our favorite one would be using the Aether in Silvery Grey as the wig base and the 50″ Silvery Grey Ponytail Clipon for the ponytail part. Another color to consider would be Classic White.

**If anyone knows the artist who did these beautiful illustrations, please post a comment below so we can give them credit!

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