Green Wigs

Check out our Green Wigs Color Chart for all of our Green color variations!

Tea Green has a vibrant apple green shade that makes it perfect for Snotgirl. Clover Green is a soft blend of light and mid tones of green with a yellow undertone. Mint Green is a soft pastel color with a blue undertone. Vocaloid Green works with many Anime characters like Miku and Bulma! Emerald Green is a deep and rich green color. It is the top choice for Sailor Neptune and Eclipsa Butterfly. Finally, Jade Green is a very soft color with a grey undertone. 

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15" Emerald Green Mix Weft Extensions Our 15" Emerald Green Mix weft extensions are the perfect way to add a bit of flare to any...
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Chronos Emerald Green Mix Layered Bob Wig The Chronos style Emerald Green Mix layered bob wig is a face framing style, perfect to be worn...
15" Weft Extension - Emerald Green Mix
Chronos - Emerald Green Mix Wig