Mint Green Wigs

Our Mint Green wigs are solid, pastel green. Unlike our Mint Green Mix wigs, our Mint Green wigs use just one fiber color for a soft pastel green color. Under natural light, the green is cooler and a little blue toned. Indoor fluorescent lighting has yellow tone and will give the wig a more yellow green look (as seen here).

Direct lighting, like from a white flash, will increase the intensity of the green. If using a yellow flash or filtered flash there is a possibility of color variation. Studio lighting will have the same effect as natural lighting if the studio lighting is white. All our Mint Green wigs are shot under studio lighting.

You can purchase a Mint Green color sample here to check out the color in person before purchasing a Mint Green wig.
Mint Green Long Ponytail Clip This clip measures at 50", making it perfect for long ponytails or pigtails. You can mix-and-match this clip with any...
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Mint Green Long Ponytail Clip This Mint Green long ponytail clip measures at 35", making it perfect for long ponytails or even long pigtails if...
50" Straight Ponytail Clipon - Mint Green
$22.99 $22.99
20" Mint Green Wavy Curly Ponytail Clipon
$13.99 $13.99
35" Mint Green Straight Ponytail Clipon
$17.99 $17.99