Pink Wigs

Check out our Pink Wigs Color Chart for all of our Pink color variations!

Fusion Vanilla Pink is a very soft and pastel color. Princess Pink Mix is a blend of various shades of pink, perfect if want to avoid light and dark pink colors and just want that perfect mid shade. Princess Dark Pink Mix is more of a dull shade with an orange undertone. Persimmon Pink is a bright blend of pink and orange colors. Sky Magenta is an intense color with a mix of both light and dark shades of pink. Raspberry Pink is a vibrant and deep shade, perfect for Pinkie Pie. Finally, Raspberry Pink Mix is a fun pink shade with strong purple undertones.


Yona Neapolitan Two-Tone Pink and Brown Wig Making a fashion statement has never been easier with our Yona Neapolitan two-tone pink and brown wig. There's...
Yona - Neapolitan Wig
$39.99 $39.99