Platinum Blonde Wigs

Our Platinum Blonde wigs are solid, white blonde. Platinum Blonde wigs are a lighter, more white toned blonde compared to our Natural Blonde wigs. Under natural light, the blonde tone is a little more subdued. Indoor fluorescent lighting has yellow tone and will give the wig a slight cream look (as seen here).

Direct lighting, from a white flash, will increase the intensity of the blonde. If using a yellow flash or filtered flash there is a possibility of color variation. Studio lighting will have the same effect as natural lighting if the studio lighting is white. All our Platinum Blonde wigs are shot under studio lighting.

You can purchase a Platinum Blonde color sample here to check out the color in person before purchasing a Platinum Blonde wig.

Pan Platinum Blonde Lace Front Wig Dimensions Front Length: 6" Back Length: 3" Lace: 13" x 1" Cap Size: 21.5"  Please review these measurements carefully as wigs tend...
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Zelus - Lacefront Platinum Blonde Wig The circumference of our Zelus wig, as naturally worn around the head fits most measuring 23 inches (58.42 cm)...
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Apate - Lacefront Platinum Blonde Wig Our Apate style is versatile, comfortable to wear, and works well with many different head sizes. This Lace Front...
Pan - Platinum Blonde wig
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Zelus - Lacefront Platinum Blonde Wig
Apate - Lacefront Platinum Blonde Wig