Specialty Wigs

Check out our Specialty Wigs Style Chart for all of our specialty style variations!

Our specialty items are made up of wigs that have already been prestyled. Phoebe is our ponytail wig that comes with a detachable ponytail wrap extension. Gaia is our twintail wig. Harmonia is our long braided pigtails. And our character wigs are well, created for characters! All officially licensed!


Phoebe Sky Magenta Ponytail Wig This Sky Magenta ponytail wig is naturally pulled back to create a beautiful and realistic look. Starting at its base,...
Calliope - Sky Magenta Wig
Calliope Ponytail Sky Magenta Lace Front Wig Dimensions Ponytail Length: 23" Lace: 12" x 2" Cap Size: 20"  Please review these measurements carefully as wigs tend...
Phoebe - Sky Magenta Wig
$42.99 $42.99
Calliope - Sky Magenta Wig
$69.99 $49.99