White Wigs

Our Classic White wigs are solid, bright white. Classic White is a bright pure white wig with no undertones or variation. Under natural light, the white fibers are bright and pure. Indoor fluorescent lighting has yellow tone and will give the wig a slight yellow tone.


Theia Classic White Medium Wig Our Theia is a straight and very versatile style perfect for cosplay, costuming, or even casual daily wear. This Classic...
Hestia Classic White Curly Wig Our Hestia style is one of our most versatile and fun to wear wigs. This Classic White curly wig is...
Modified Helios Classic White Medium Wig This is our modified version of our Helios design. Our old version had a quarter sized skin top in...
Helen Classic White Bangless Wig The Helen style is a Apple Red bangless wig that offers natural look comparable to a lacefront wig. A large...
Maia Classic White Curly Wig Set It's time to pump up the volume with this lively and vivacious Classic White curly wig set! All together...
Merope - Lacefront Classic White Wig Our Merope style is versatile, comfortable to wear, and works well with many different head sizes. This Classic White...
Theia - Classic White Wig
$34.99 $34.99
Hestia - Classic White Wig
$35.99 $35.99
Helios - Classic White Wig
$34.99 $34.99
Helen - Classic White Wig
$32.99 $32.99
Maia - Classic White Wig
$57.99 $57.99
Merope - Lacefront Classic White Wig
$67.99 $67.99