Nylon Wig Cap - Black (2 Pack)

Product Code: BNC2

Our wig caps are made out of nylon and they are not open at the top. Nylon is a useful material for maintaining the cleanliness of a wig.

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Wig caps are specifically designed to hold all of the wearer's hair in place and out of sight while wearing a wig. It also help to prevent certain discomforts such as itching. The nylon design of this wig cap provides a snug fit to help keep hair in place. The nylon cap also prevents hair from touching the wig netting itself, which helps to keep the wigs clean.

This item comes with two wig caps!

How to use:

Begin by gathering all of your hair together at the back of your head, and carefully pull the wig cap over the hair. Tuck any loose hair into the cap and position the edges of the wig cap along your hairline. Once all your hair is securely in the cap, you're ready to wear your wig!


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