How to Adjust Wig Size

New to wigs and wondering how to adjust the fit of your wig? Wondering what those hooks are in the back? Here’s a guide on sizing we’ve made to help you!

Our wigs feature 2 hooks for readjusting wig size. These sit at the nape of the neck and can be adjusted to fit a range of head sizes. 

Adjust the tightness of fit by hooking the plastic hook into notches along the back of the wig. 

Use the outer most notches for larger head sizes. Use the middle notches for medium to small head sizes, and the innermost notches for very small head sizes. 

Our cap sizes can accommodate most head sizes 21″ to 23″. 

If you have excessive amounts of hair, we recommend using french braiding techniques to pile hair on top of your head in a spiral before using a wig cap. Adjust the wig to it’s widest setting before wear, even if you have a smaller head measurement. This will allow for a better fit.