Aphrodite Spiking Guide

Styling our wigs is so easy! Grab your favorite texturizing spray and in minutes take your new Epic Cosplay wig from out of the bag to perfectly styled for your character! This guide uses our Aphrodite style! 

To add texture to your wig, follow these 3 simple steps! 

1. Spray your wig with your favorite texture spray. Pinning the wig to a wig head and holding it upside down while lightly spraying the wig will add volume. 

2. Shake or finger comb the layers into sections to separate them. 

3. Bring the sections to a point. You can spray them with hairspray or apply a bit of spiking gel to the ends to help them hold their shape. 

Note: When using a gel, use only a pea sized amount and rub the gel between your palms to create a thin distribution of the hair product before applying it with your fingers to the the wig fiber. 

Strong hold hairsprays like Got2Bglued work well to freeze a hairstyle in place and are safe to use on wigs. If you want a more flexible hold, use your favorite hairspray.