Long Wig Care Instructions

Long wigs take some extra work and consideration to keep them looking new and beautiful. This is EpicCosplay.com’s simple guide to caring for your long wig. 


Use a brush or wide toothed comb with flexible bristles to detangle your wig.

Starting from the bottom of the wig and working up, brush your wig, taking time to work out any knots. Combing away from the wig in a gentle sweeping motion rather than brushing straight down will help prevent matting. Do not brush from the top of the wig downwards as this will cause tangles. Only brush or comb your wig when it is needed. Do not tug or pull on the wig fibers if you feel resistance when brushing. Instead, finger comb out sections of hair that have twisted together. Remove the wig to detangle it. 

Some products may cause your wig to matt. Use wig specific detanglers and gels on long wigs. 


Keep all original packaging and return your wig to it’s netting and bag after gently combing it. Long wigs can be loosely braided to prevent tangling while stored. 


If you wash your wig, do not comb it while wet. Instead, wait for the wig to fully dry before brushing and styling.