Mermaid Waves Wig Tutorial

Want to create pretty natural looking waves (often called mermaid waves) easily with your EpicCosplay wig? Here’s a tutorial on how you can use steam or hot water to create the look!

For this tutorial we are using our Limited Spring Color Coral Peach Theia! 

Whether you want to complement your lolita outfit, cosplay Hermione Granger from Harry Potter, or just want a cute style to wear with day to day clothing, mermaid waves are fun and easy to create. 

To make waves follow these steps: 

1. Section out the wig into pieces and braid each section as evenly as possible. Making bigger or smaller braids will change the size of the waves you create, so aim for consistency in making your braids. This will improve the finished result. 

2. Use a hand steamer or boiling water to shape the wig fibers. If you use steam, make sure to apply even heat to each braid. This process will take time, but allows you to control what parts of the braid will be wavy. You can also shape the wig fibers by submerging the braids in boiling water for 10 seconds. Please follow our hot water curling guide for more info on using hot water to shape a wig. 

3. Allow the wig fibers to cool completely before removing the braids. This will allow the waves to be set permanently (or until you use heat to restyle the wig.) 

4. Once the fibers have cooled. Remove the braids and allow the wig to air dry. Towel dry off any excessive water from the wig. Using a folding wig stand as a drying rack speeds up the drying process. 

5. After the fibers are dry, brush out the waves. The waves will stay until you choose to apply heat to your wig again. Happy styling!