Restyle a Skin Top Hair Part

Did you know you can use our large skin top styles like Eros to create many hair parts and bang styles? It’s very easy to do!All you need is a spray bottle of water, a comb, and a blow dryer!

We are using our Eros in Natural Blonde for this tutorial. Our Eros wig features a lace front alternative hairline as well as a very big skin top! It spans the top front of the wig in a large U shape. This skin top allows the wig to be used for many different hair styles! 

To change a part on your skin top wig: 

1) Use a comb to section out a hair part or bangs where needed. 

2) Hold the part in place with one hand and spray the section of the wig with water with the other. 

3) Use a blowdryer on medium to high heat, heating the part and taming the hair fibers . You will see the fibers relax with heat applied. Remove the heat once the fibers no longer need your hand in place to lay down correctly along the part. 

4) Allow the fibers to cool. This will set the part in place. 

5) Follow up with any additional styling you need to create your desired hair style. 

With a skin top wig like the Eros, imagine all the things you can create with it! It’s wefted thickly enough to pull back or braid. Our Eros is one of our most versatile wigs!