Rit DyeMore Color Swatches Guide

You guys have asked for a dye guide and here it is! We used Rit DyeMore fabric dye, Rit's line for polyester/synthetic materials (not to be confused with just Rit Dye). It is far more pigmented as a wig toner than their standard blends since it was developed for plastics. 

Here are a few things to note:

  • Swatches were made using our Classic White wefts (keep in mind that if you're dyeing a wig other than white, the dye will not cancel out the original color but mix with it. ex: If you dye a yellow wig with blue dye, you will get a green wig). 

  • 300 mL (1.3 cups) of water was used with 19.7 mL (4 tsp) of dye. Water was kept at a LIGHT SIMMER (180F/82C), NOT rolling boil (212F/100C). Color took more evenly when water was at a simmer.

  • Individual swatches were placed in the simmering water at 1 second, 5 seconds, 1 minute, and 5 minutes. 

  • Colors may turn out differently for you depending on concentration of dye, heat, time boiled, and how the wig gods are feeling that day. 

  • It's important to ALWAYS do swatch tests before dying your full wig. In addition, in the event that your fibers become curly after dyeing them, please use a regular flat iron (avoid chi irons) on low heat setting to straighten them.

Happy dye-ing!