Top 6 Bowsette Cosplay Wig Ideas

Unless you've been hiding under a rock, any anime/video game fan would know the word "Bowsette." Bowsette, Peachette and all the alternative forms have now became memes, cosplays, fan art, and more. Created by the twitter user @Ayyk92, this alternate Peach form has opened the flood gates to a whole new Super Mario genre. We are going to show you our Top 6 Bowsette Cosplay Wig Ideas so that you can become the ultimate anime waifu!

1. Blonde Bowsette

This is the original character that has launched a thousand thirsts. This blonde Peach/Bowsette cosplay is one of the most used Bowsette cosplays out there. It takes the traditional look of Peach, with the blond hair, crown, and peachy skin with smaller elements from Bowser such as the fangs, wristlets, and more. To make the perfect Blonde Bowsette Wig, we suggest two options: 

The first is our Chronos in Caramel Blonde with our 20” Caramel Blonde Ponytail Clip On. The Caramel Blonde helps with those with warmer skin tones and keeps that striking blonde color, with Chronos being the perfect size for her side bangs and front major bang which can be easily combed. The Caramel Blonde Clip On is perfect as it gives the extra bump with being a clip on and not drooping down by the weight of the wig itself. You can keep it curly for that extra flair, or stay true to the original and straighten it without losing its volume. 

The second option is Chronos in Natural Blonde with our 20” Natural Blond Ponytail Clipon. Just like the Caramel Blonde, the Natural Blonde is perfect for cooler skin types while still emulating Bowsette. 

If you are feeling like a true princess and want a longer train, grab a Chronos in Autumn Gold and use that as a base. Put an alligator clip through a Hestia in Autumn Gold and now you have an even longer wig.

2. Red Hair Bowsette

When the original Bowsette came out, there was controversy over whether or not Bowsette should look like Peach or Peach look like Bowser. To qualm the storm, many users created what they think Bowsette would look like: flaming red hair, tanner skin, sharp fangs, curves and muscles! 

For Red Hair Bowsette, use our Chronos in Dark Red and a 20” Dark Red Ponytail Clipon. Just like the Blonde Bowsette, it's perfect for any future Bowsette cosplayer that wants to be a total badass but also a princess at the same time. 

For a longer tail get a Chronos in Apple Red Mix. Put an alligator clip through a Hestia in Apple Red Mix

3. Boosette/Booete

After the HUGE flood of fans coming for Bowsette, people were already thinking about the "what ifs". If the super crown can change Todette to Peachette, and now Bowsette, what if other creatures in the Super Mario Universe obtained said crown? Thus was born Boosette/Booete who is probably the second most popular OC behind Bowsette. 

Unlike her Bowsette counterpart, Boosette has hair that's drastically different. For one of the versions of Boosette, we would recommend Asteria in Silvery Grey. It gives that stark contrast to the all-white-look but also has the desired length. For a slightly shorter version, we suggest getting the Persephone in Silvery Grey

Finally, our third suggestion would be the Persephone in Classic White. This wig works better for those who want the closest thing to the OC Boosette. 

4. Chompette

One of the newest characters to come out of this craze is Chompette. For the more casual Super Mario fans, Chomp-Chomps are giant metal balls with eyes and teeth--basically your worst nightmare. 

But how do you make a Chomp-Chomp cute? You add a super crown and make it Chompette! Chompette is known for its crazy teeth, big eyes, and black, white and grey color scheme. For wigs suggestions, the first option is Chronos in Black. This wig comes with a suffient amount of length to layer for extra volume. With this wig, all you need to do is create some layers via cutting and creating that spikey/edgy finish. If you want a shorter but layered wig already done try Apollo in Black. If you prefer a longer wig that you can cut yourself try Aura in Black.

5. Goombette

Goombette is the cute little princess version, as it is fitting to the Goombas. Goombas are the little brown mushroom henchmen of Bowser.

Here are some of the wigs you can use for Goombette: 

Nyx in Light Brown
gives the size, length and dimension of what Goombette’s hair would look like. For a slightly longer version, we suggest getting the Persephone in Light Brown

6. Yoshiette

Last but not least we have Yoshiette! Yoshiette is a cross between Peach and the green dinosaur Yoshi. To achieve this look, we suggest getting the Hestia in Butterscotch Blonde. If you need help putting your wig into a ponytail, watch our Youtube video here