Zootopia Cosplay Wig Suggestions

Judy Hopps

Since Judy’s fur has a few different shades of gray in it, we recommend either our Silvery Grey or Gunmental Grey as options for cosplaying her. Potential styles to use for her that are available in both colors are our Theia, Hestia, and Nyx. Another option is our light and bouncy Diana.

Nick Wilde

Our Autumn Orange shade is an almost perfect match for Nick’s fur color! As for styles to get you started, something feathered such as our Apollo or Atlas feel like a pretty good fit, although this color does come in a very wide variety of styles to choose from.


Nothing is better than a pure, snow white color for the perfect head of wool– Er, hair! That’s why we recommend our Classic White color for Assistant Mayor Bellwether. For a nice and fluffy look, you could try our Diana or Hestia styles since they both have bouncy curls.


Unleash your inner popstar with a cosplay of Gazelle, using any wig in our Natural Blonde color! For our personal recommendations, check out our Iris and Hera wig! Since Gazelle’s hair is wavy, any one of our curly styles could be brushed out to create some incredible and voluminous waves.