Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Wig Guide

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

CLOUD STRIFE | Our Aphrodite style is pretty perfect for him since the bangs are long and the rest is layered/spikable. We have a lot of different shades of blonde that can also work for him, but our top two would be Blonde Mix and Natural Blonde.

TIFA LOCKHART | Nyx and Persephone would be our goto styles for Tifa! It just depends if you want to go with a more manageable, shorter length like the Nyx or a more accurate length like the Persephone. 

AERITH GAINSBOROUGH | Keres was basically made for her!

YUFFIE KISARAGI | With a little bit of trimming and layering, our Chronos in Natural Black would work terrific for Yuffie. Chronos in Black would be our second choice for those who prefer a jet black color.

VINCENT VALENTINE | Hecate V2 is a pretty layered lacefront wig so that would be our first choice for him. Hecate is a close second!

SEPHIROTH | There are two completely different base wigs for him if you're down to do some styling! Hera: slightly shorter in length, curly but can be straightened. Demeter: super long but can be cut, bang length is accurate and fitting to the character's.

ZACK FAIR | Our Hades V2 style makes a good base wig for him since its silhouette is already similar to Zack's hair. 

CHADLEY | With some trimming, our Chronos style would be a great fit for him. Silvery Grey would be our first choice for color but if you prefer more of a warm/red undertone then Hazy Grey would be more suitable!

ELENA | Our Aura in Ash Blonde is such a great fit for her since the coin skin top on the Aura is off to the side, just like the character's.

CISSNEI | For this character, it all depends which length you prefer. We'd go with Diana if you a want something shorter. For a longer length or for those who have a larger head size, we'd definitely go with Hestia instead.

TSENG | Our Nemesis would be a solid choice for him because of the length and the widows peak hairline. For color, it just comes down to personal preferences.

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