Hecate V2 Layered - Black Wig

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Hecate (Layered) Black Lace Front Wig

Introducing a variant of our long lace front style, Hecate, with even more layers! Measuring from widow's peak to end, the top shortest fibers are approximately 7" long, compared to the 17" of the original Hecate Black Lace Front Wig. The back is about 28" from the very top of the wig to the ends. 

The multiple shaggy layers are perfect for styling characters like Momo Yaoyorozu from Boku no Hero Academia (My Hero Academia), Axel, Xemnas, and Saix from Kingdom Hearts II, Sanosuke Harada from Hakuouki, and Ren Jinguji from Uta no Prince Sama. You can even wear it smooth for straight hair characters like Boa Hancock from One Piece and Kurenai Yuhi from Naruto.


Hecate Layered Black Lace Front Wig Dimensions

  • Front Length: 9" (from hairline to end)
  • Back Length: 16" (from back hairline to end)
  • Lace: 12.5" x 1.5"
  • Cap Size: 21.5"

Please review these measurements carefully as wigs tend to look a bit longer on mannequins due to their smaller head size.

5.00 Average

2 Reviews

Darianne Mullenax

Andy Hyvl

The wig looks and fits great. I was worried about the length and thought I may need to trim it, but it works out perfectly.


Ask a Question
  • The description for this is a little sparse. Is the texture good for spiking, say for a Zack Fair wig?

    Hi there! Yes, since this wig has a lot of layers, it is spikeable.