Inside Out 2 Wig Guide

Inside Out 2 Wig Guide

EMBARRASSMENT | We couldn’t find a better match than our Apollo in Raspberry Pink Mix. The style and color makes a fantastic fit for him!

ENNUI | We suggest our Theia in Classic Purple Mix. For those that prefer a longer length, then we’d go with the Nyx in the same color!

ANXIETY | For something simple and casual, an Apollo in Autumn Orange would be a fun choice! 

ENVY | In terms of color, we think our Teal Blue (not to be mistaken with Teal Blue Mix) would be the closest match to her! If the style is too long, our second choice would be the Chronos in the same color. 

JOY | We have several different styles (and even color) that could work with her but our favorite is most likely the Hermes in Dark Blue!

SADNESS | Since a lot of her hair is swept to one side, we’d go with a wig that could do just that which is our Helen (with a flat iron) or its lace front counterpart.

DISGUST | With her hair being a very vibrant green, we’d go with our very vibrant green color which is Oh My Green! There are several different styles that could work with her but a good standard for her would be our Theia wig.

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