Wigspiration: My Hero Academia

Finally, a Wigspiratrions post for My Hero Academia featuring some of our amazing customers! We're missing a few notable characters, namely Momo, Ida and Todoroki, so if you or know someone who has cosplay photos that can fill in the roster, please send them to tiffany@epiccosplay.com. Thank you!

Now lets get this roOooOolling!

For Alien Queen / Mina Ashido, we suggest getting the Apollo in Princess Dark Pink Mix! A great alternative would be the Aphrodite in Princess Pink Mix.

Model: Sadie Honey Cat Cosplay (@sadiehoneycat on Instagram)

Photo: DGN Photography (@dgnphotography on Instagram)

For Mount Lady, we suggest getting the Daphne in Natural Blonde. If you're looking for a lighter shade, Platinum Blonde works just as well!

Model: AME Cosplays (@ame.at.your.service on Instagram)

Photo: S1Price Lightworks (@s1price_lightworks on Instagram)

For Nejire-Chan, we suggest getting the Hera in Ice Blue. A great alternative would be the Asteria style.

Model: Mahou Maddie Cosplay (@MahouMaddie on Instagram)

Photo: Nick Cafaro Photography

For Red Riot / Eijiro Kirishima, we suggest getting the Helen in Dark Red for your wig base. For less cutting, Hades in Dark Red would be perfect.

Model: Iwood Cosplay (@lorentz_iwood on Instagram)

Photo: SyncOn Photography (@synconphotography on Instagram)

For Kacchan / Bakugo, we suggest getting the Aphrodite in Blonde Mix. A great alternative would be the Apollo in Natural Blonde.

Model: Steff Von Schweetz (@steffvonschweetz on Instagram)

Photo: York in a Box (@yorkinabox on Instagram)

For Himiko Toga, we suggest getting the Bun Set in Natural Blonde. A great alternative would be the Hestia in Natural Blonde.

Model: Gunpla Lady (@gunplaladycosplay on Instagram)

Photo: Square Noodles (@square_noodles on Instagram)

For Grapeboy / Minoru Mineta (genderbend or not), Purple Black Fusion and Royal Purple are both great colors for the character. Weft extensions in the same color would be used for the round shapes on his head.

Model: Taytori (@paraphrase on Instagram)

Photo: WeNeals Photography (@weneals_photography on Instagram)

For Froppy / Tsuyu Asui, we suggest getting the Hera in Dark Green. A great alternative would be the Persephone in Forest Green Mix.

Model: Ashwie Marie (@ashwiemarie on Instagram)

Photo: Unknown. Please email us if you know who the photographer is!

For Earphone Jack / Kyoka Jiro, we suggest getting the Chronos in Purple Black Fusion.

Model: Cat (@Cyberphase on Instagram)

For Deku / Izuku Midoriya, we suggest getting the Apollo in Forest Green Mix.

Model: Etna San Cosplay (@etna.san on Instagram)

Photo: Cosplay Overdose (@cosplay_overdose on Instagram)

For fem All Might, we suggest getting the Hecate in Autumn Gold. For the original All Might, we also suggest the same style as it is a good base for him. It would of course have to be cut to match the length of his hair.

Model: Miryoku Cosplay (@miryokucosplay on Instagram)

Styled: Umbranwitch Cosplay (@umbranwitch on Instagram)

Photo: Nude Carbon Studios (@nude_carbon_studios on Instagram)

For Camie, we suggest getting the Daphne in Strawberry Blonde for your base. For less cutting, we suggest getting the Theia in Caramel Brown.

Model: Elizabeth Rage (@elizabethrage on Instagram)

Photo: Gil Riego Photography (@gilphotography on Instagram)

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