Is Wig Length Important to You? This is a Must Read!

Is Wig Length Important to You? 

This is a must read!

When shopping for wigs online, it's important not to rely solely on product photos and pay attention to the length of the wig if length is important to you! The wig length may appear a little bit different on each person because not all head sizes are the same. 

Most online retailers provide measurements for the wigs they sell. Find the length of the wig and compare it to your own head with a sewing tape measure. 

The average head size of a mannequin tends to run smaller than your average sized human head. So if you know your head runs bigger, it's best to assume that the wig will look a bit shorter on you than what is advertised on a mannequin. See below for some examples!

  • Nov 13, 2023
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