Tips on Washing Your Wigs

Tips on Washing Your Wigs 

• Synthetic wigs do not need to be washed anywhere near as often as real hair since there is no oil that builds up over time.

• However, if you wear your wig on a regular basis (ie, twice a week or more) it’s a good rule of thumb to wash it after every 10-15 wears.

• If you only wear your wig every so often, it most likely will not need to be washed unless you’re wanting to wash out any hair product you’ve put in it.

• You can use wig shampoo, baby shampoo or even dish soap. Remember, this isn’t real hair so human hair shampoo isn’t needed.

• Lastly, after wig has been washed, DO NOT brush it while it is wet. This could cause the fibers to snap and give your wig a frizzy look. Instead, allow the wig to sit on a towel or a wig rack and let it air dry. =3

  • Feb 17, 2024
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