Why do Some Cosplayers and Stylists Crimp Their Wigs?

Why do Some Cosplayers and Wig Stylists Crimp Their Wigs?

If you've ever wondered how cosplayers and wig stylists create big, thick hair, a lot of times, they used the crimping method. 

There are several different benefits to having a crimp-textured wig which includes:

  • Adding volume
  • Reducing wig shine
  • Makes it easier to hold shapes
  • Makes it easier to style overall

You might've noticed that a few of our styles have a crimped, frizzy-like texture at the base of the roots, such as the Helios and Apollo.

There are also several different ways to crimp wigs:

  • Using a crimper
  • If you don't have a crimper, you can braid the wig into small sections and then use a flat iron or blow dryer on them.
  • Another method is to simply tease/backcomb the wig. 

You'll probably need hairspray and patience but the end result is worth it! We suggest looking up online tutorials to get a more in-depth step-by-step instructions!

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***In addition, not ALL synthetic wigs are made out of the same fibers so while these methods we've listed here tend to work on OUR wigs, it does not mean it will work on OTHER synthetic wigs.****

  • Sep 20, 2023
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