Wig Hairlines and Their Differences

Wig Hairlines & Their Differences 

There are three main hairlines that we have and each one have their own features and benefits!

Wigs with bangs

This is the most standard type of wig and possibly the most self-explanatory out of all the other types. Go for a wig with bangs if you want the hairline to be covered!

Lacefront wigs

⦿ Offers a more realistic hairline

⦿ Extra lace is attached to the front of the hairline to give the option of ventilating (affixing individual strands of hair into the wig), otherwise the lace can simply be trimmed off.

⦿ Wig tape or lace glue can be used to glue down the hairline. Totally optional but it helps cover the hairline and creates a natural look.

⦿ Check out our lacefront wigs collection!

Multi part wigs

⦿ While the lacefront wig and multi part wig are both bangless and can be parted in any direction, there is no lace attached to the multi part wig which makes it more of an affordable alternative to a lacefront wig.

⦿ Typically has a wide skin top along the front of the wig to create a natural hairline.

⦿ The current multi part styles we have: Atlas, Aries, Helen, Eros, and Daphne.

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