Aion - Black Wig

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A short wig with soft wavy curls is exactly what our Aion style is. This Black colored wig gives off a very cute and natural look that goes well with cosplay or everyday wear!

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Aion Black Short Wavy Wig

Our Aion style wig is short with soft wavy curls that curve and lay for a very cute and natural look. Our adjustable, breathable 23” cap makes this Black Short Wavy Wig capable of fitting all head sizes comfortably. The Aion style comes in several different colors, available to view here.

The bangs of this Black Short Wavy Wig reach 7.5” from the crown when resting at about the eyebrowns on most wearers and can be styled in many ways, making a variety of looks possible. The total length of this Black Short Wavy Wig is 11”, resting at the nape of the neck. Our heat resistant fiber, capable of withstanding heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we suggest not exceeding 350F, as long-term exposure can change the texture of the fiber) make it possible to take styling tools such as flat irons and blow dryers to this wig.

The Aion style wig is useful for many characters, such as most renditions of Sherlock Holmes, Barb from Stranger Things, Jane from Homestuck, Prince Eric from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, Akira/Ren from Persona 5, or just for a short casual look with just a bit of curl.

Aion Black Short Wavy Wig Dimensions

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Bang Resting Length: 7.5"
  • Bang Full Length: 10"
  • Total Length: 11"

Aion Black Short Wavy Wig Styling Tips

Here are a few links to get you started on styling and caring for your Aion Black Short Wavy Wig! Our tutorials are easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions that aren’t covered feel free to contact customer support where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

A lightweight and incredibly versatile hairstyle can now be easily achieved without hassle or long-term commitment. Our Aion Black Short Wavy Wig is perfect for use in cosplay, costuming, and every day life by everyone.

4.56 Average

16 Reviews

Erica Hennessy

I used this to cosplay Nancy Downs from The Craft. I love how curly it is! 10/10


I absolutely love this wig! I used it for my Ren Faire faun cosplay, and it works perfectly. It's very thick and high quality. I know nothing about wig styling, so I simply put it on without doing anything to it (no cutting, wig glue, or anything else) and it still worked well! Would very much recommend :)

Claire Leighton

Very fluffy and easy to style! I sewed in some wefts in vocaloid green to use for my clown character, it turned out quite nicely!


Very voluminous

Paul Roberts

This wig is gorgeous. It's so voluminous! I love the light curl and the wonderful feel of the wig. It's easy to style, easy to wear, and it just looks fantastic. Truly fabulous! If you think you might like it, definitely try it out. It's so beautiful in person, and the quality is absolutely there. This would be a great wig to wear for cosplay, or just to look great every day.


Excellent for my brother's Prince Eric costume!

Hannah Jones

The wig was a lot thicker than advertised, like bigger than a helmet thick, and the part is down the middle and not to one side. Is a little disappointing but I'm hoping I can cut and style it to be satisfying.

Felix Deutsch

I love how thick and easy to style these wigs are. After buying the Aion for a Cardan Greenbriar cosplay, I've since purchased three more wigs. I don't think I can go ever back to Amazon for my cosplay wigs!

Lynn Martyn

Exactly as advertise, I'm very excited to style this into Darien from the old 90s Sailor Moon


I had to cut it to make it look more natural, but thats often a given. The top of the wig has something deep in the fibers that make it really thick and i could not thin that stuff out it also had a weird texture compared to the rest of the wig. beyond that the wig ended up being cute, cant wait for it to cool down so i can wear it

Atlas Willocks

The wig was perfect for the cosplay I am planning on building around the wig.

Skyler Lyford

Pretty wig with cute curls!

Carolyn Rohr

Super good wig! It is a LOT fuller than I had originally anticipated, though this is more my fault then anything. A little help from my cosplay mom friend to trim it up and it’ll be perfect. The color is so deep and rich and the fibers are super soft.

Tatum Watts

I love ittt!!!

Jessica Smith

The wig was very fluffy and soft! The curls were easy to work with and shift around to your desire. It's very versatile when it comes to styling and easy to take care of.


Ask a Question
  • Does the wig look like the pictures fresh out the box or do you have to style it that way. If so, how do I go about styling the wig to look like the pictures

    We took the images using the products which freshly out of the bag. We just comb as needed. Thank you for asking