Helios - Silvery Grey Wig

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Helios Silvery Grey Medium Wig for Spiking Our Helios style is an extremely layered and dimensional Silvery Grey Medium wig for spiking. This wig at its longest point is 20", and features a variety of different lengths that make it perfect for shaggy

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Modified Helios Silvery Grey Medium Wig

This is our modified version of our Helios design. Our old version had a quarter sized skin top in the middle and non crimped roots. We’ve removed the skin top completely and crimped the roots, making spiking even easier then before! This wig measures at 11" from the back of the hairline to the longest part of the wig, and features a variety of different lengths that make it perfect for shaggy and spiked appearances. The front and sides of this wig are significantly shorter than the back.

Our heat resistant fibers make it possible to style this Silvery Grey Medium wig for spiking with heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers. Tools reaching temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit can be used, though we suggest keeping the temperature around 350F as long-term exposure to heat can potentially change the texture of the wig fiber. Our fiber is also tangle resistant, making styling and care an easy job. An adjustable, breathable cap makes this Silvery Grey Medium wig for spiking comfortable to wear by anyone regardless of head shape and size, male or female.


Helios Silvery Grey Medium Wig Dimensions

  • Cap Size: 21"
  • Length: 11" (from back of hairline to longest part of wig)
  • Bang Length: 7" (from hairline to long part of bang)


Ask a Question
  • What is the wig's hair density in %?

    We're unable to give a percentage unless you provide us a different wig style to compare it to but this particular style is definitely more thick than our usual wigs.

  • When will this wig be back in stock?

    The estimated restock date will be around the end of May. Thank you for asking

  • i have a head circumference of 58cm, will i be able to wear this wig without being to tight?

    This wig should fit 23'' head since it's stretchy. But different people have different feelings. Here is the return policy just in case. https://www.epiccosplay.com/pages/return-policy. Thank you for asking.

  • is it possible to dye it a kind of electric blue?

    here is more info about dying a wig