Orange Wigs

Check out our Orange Wigs Color Chart for all of our Orange color variations!

Sunny Orange is our soft and light tangerine color, and our Autumn Orange is a deep natural Orange color that works perfectly for characters like Kim Possible or Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Aion Autumn Orange Mix Short Wavy Wig Our Aion style wig is short with soft wavy curls that curve and lay for a very cute...
Chronos Autumn Orange Layered Bob Wig The Chronos style Autumn Orange layered bob wig is a face framing style, perfect to be worn independently or...
Autumn Orange Curly Ponytail Clip Create a number of fun and unique looks with one of our Autumn Orange curly ponytail clips! This clip is...
15" Autumn Orange Weft Extensions Our 15" Autumn Orange weft extensions are the perfect way to add a bit of flare to any Epic Cosplay...
Phoebe Autumn Orange Ponytail Wig This Autumn Orange ponytail wig is naturally pulled back to create a beautiful and realistic look. Starting at its base,...
Persephone Autumn Orange Long Straight Wig Our Persephone style Autumn Orange Long straight wig boasts an impressive total of 40” in length. This style is...
Theia Autumn Orange Medium Wig Our Theia is a straight and very versatile style perfect for cosplay, costuming, or even casual daily wear. This Autumn...
Chronos Autumn Orange Mix Layered Bob Wig The Chronos style Autumn Orange Mix layered bob wig is a face framing style, perfect to be worn...
Aion - Autumn Orange Mix Wig
$29.99 $29.99
Chronos - Autumn Orange Wig
$29.99 $29.99
20" Autumn Orange Wavy Curly Ponytail Clipon
$13.99 $13.99
15" Weft Extension - Autumn Orange
$8.99 $8.99
Phoebe - Autumn Orange Wig
$42.99 $42.99
Persephone - Autumn Orange Wig
$47.99 $47.99
Theia - Autumn Orange Wig
$34.99 $34.99
Chronos - Autumn Orange Mix Wig
$29.99 $29.99