Orange Wigs

Check out our Orange Wigs Color Chart for all of our Orange color variations!

Sunny Orange is our soft and light tangerine color, and our Autumn Orange is a deep natural Orange color that works perfectly for characters like Kim Possible or Asuka from Neon Genesis Evangelion!

Modified Helios Autumn Orange Medium Wig This is our modified version of our Helios design. Our old version had a quarter sized skin top in...
Autumn Orange Long Ponytail Clip This Autumn Orange long ponytail clip measures at 35", making it perfect for long ponytails or even long pigtails if...
35" Autumn Orange Mix Weft Extensions Our 35" Autumn Orange Mix weft extensions are the perfect way to add a bit of flare to any...
Scylla Autumn Orange Lace Front Wig Scylla is a 25 inch long Autumn Orange lace front wig, measuring from hairline to end. The lace extends...
Chronos - Autumn Orange Mix Wig
Chronos Autumn Orange Mix Layered Bob Wig The Chronos style Autumn Orange Mix layered bob wig is a face framing style, perfect to be worn...
Aion Sunny Orange Short Wavy Wig Our Aion style wig is short with soft wavy curls that curve and lay for a very cute and...
Purchase our individual color sample to see the color in person before buying the wig! Shipping is free for all U.S. orders.
Astraea Autumn Orange Long Wavy Lace Front Astraea has gentle cascading waves, with just the right amount of bounce and curl to make her a...
Helios - Autumn Orange Wig
$34.99 $34.99
35" Autumn Orange Straight Ponytail Clipon
$13.99 $13.99
35" Weft Extension - Autumn Orange Mix
$8.99 $8.99
Scylla - Autumn Orange Wig
$64.99 $64.99
Chronos - Autumn Orange Mix Wig
$29.99 $23.99
Aion - Sunny Orange Wig
$29.99 $29.99
Color Sample - Autumn Orange
$1.99 $1.99
Astraea - Autumn Orange Wig
$69.99 $69.99