Nyx - Classic White Wig

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Give our Classic White Long Cosplay Wig a try for your costume or daily use! Our Nyx wigs are long wigs that can be styled any which way you desire. These straight long wigs are designed to be worn as is or cut to desired length and style.

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Nyx Classic White Long Straight Wig

This wig is a Classic White long straight wig perfect for cosplay, costuming, and even casual daily wear. As one of our most versatile styles, you're free to cut it, curl it or style it in any way that suits your needs. This Classic White long straight wig reaches a total length of 28 inches and comes with 6 inch bangs that can be simply swept to the side, trimmed, or styled in any way otherwise. A unique skintop at the hairline of this wig offers a natural and realistic looking part that can be changed with heat or left as is. Our wigs are made of tangle resistant fibers that make maintenance and care an easy, hassle free job.

The fibers in this Classic White long straight wig are also heat resistant and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we suggest keeping the temperature around 350F, as long term exposure to heat can potentially change the texture of the fiber). This means you can safely use heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers to style this wig however you'd like. An adjustable, breathable wig cap makes this Classic White long straight wig comfortable to wear by anyone regardless of head shape and size for all day use.

Nyx Classic White Long Straight Wig Dimensions

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Length: 28"
  • Bang Length: 6"
  • Skintop: 3.5" x 2.4"

Nyx Classic White Long Straight Wig Styling Tips

Here are a few links to get you started on styling and caring for your Nyx Classic White Long Straight Wig! Our tutorials are easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions that aren’t covered feel free to contact customer support where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

Whether you're searching for the perfect addition to your cosplay costume or looking to change up your daily look for something fun and unique, this Classic White long straight wig offers a sleek and fashionable style as it is along with a wide range of options for versatility.

5.00 Average

8 Reviews


Love this wig! I love how full the wig looks. It’s definitely not flimsy and easy to style. Perfect for my boosette cosplay.

Melissa Diaz

Beautiful wig loved it

Jamie Zdybek

This is my ideal length for a long haired wig. It's perfectly manageable and still gives the desired visual effect. The thick layers of the nyx make it an absolute dream to style. I always like to have one or two of these beauties laying around for any given look ^^

Madi Dvorak

My favorite style of wig! I have this in several colors. Really easy to style (if you want to style it) but it also looks great right out of the bag!


I bought this for my little sister to practice hair styling on with a mannequin head. The wig came out of the packaging in perfect condition. It also fit really well on the mannequin head. I tested out a few braiding hairstyles and the wig was very easy to work with and detangle and 'reset' in the original style very easily between hair dos. Would definitely recommend.


Exactly as pictured. A beautiful pure white & very soft!

Sam Heinemann

I love this wig! It's nice and full, and the fibers are silky soft. The wig has a nice natural body to it for wear, and was easy to work with for styling. Bangs are VERY thick and quite long.


Amazingly good wig! It’s super easy to style and tease and doesn’t get tangled up even though it’s fairly long. Easy to split hair apart, style, and is very light weight when wearing. Would highly recommend for anyone wanting a nice wig but wants it to be easy to style and light to wear.


Ask a Question
  • Is the wig heat proof?

    Yes. EpicCosplay Wigs uses Futura, a high grade Japanese Kanekalon fiber that has a sleeker and softer texture than standard Kanekalon. Futura fibers can withstand heat up to 410 degrees. However, it is best to keep styling tools like flat irons between 280 – 340 degrees to avoid changing the fiber’s texture. For more info, please see https://www.epiccosplay.com/pages/using-heat-tools. Thank you

  • which length of the weft extensions would be best to add to this wig?

    Most likely the 35" length. Thank you.