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Eros - Royal Purple

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Eros Multipart Royal Purple Long Wig

This Eros wig is a multipart long wig that is perfect for use as an alternative to lace front wigs. A large skintop along the front of this wig creates a natural looking hairline and allows for parting in a variety of directions. You can slick it back, part it to the side, or even create bangs with the help of a little bit of heat from a blow dryer. If a length of 26" is a little bit too much for you, it can easily be trimmed shorter or pulled back into a ponytail due to its thick wefting. This multipart Royal Purple long wig is also made with our tangle resistant fibers, making maintenance and care an easy, hassle free job.

Due to our fibers being heat resistant, this multipart Royal Purple long wig can be styled with the help of heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we suggest not exceeding 350F, as long term exposure to heat can potentially change the fiber's texture). With the help of heat, a wide variety of styles are achievable with this wig. An adjustable, breathable cap makes this multipart Royal Purple long wig comfortable to wear for all day use.

Eros Multipart Royal Purple Long Wig Dimensions:

  • Cap Size: 23"
  • Length: 26"
  • Skintop: 5.5"X1.75"

Eros Multipart Royal Purple Long Wig Styling Tips:

Thanks to our Eros style, a fun and natural look can be achieved at an affordable price. This multipart Royal Purple long wig, with its wide range of styling options and natural looking hairline, is perfect for many uses such as cosplay, costuming, and even daily casual wear.

Style Description:
I used this wig for a Psylocke cosplay when the original wig I wanted was out of stock and it worked well. The color is bright without looking too Halloween-y. My only complaint is that this wig seems to shed worse than my cats. While filming a fight scene there were purple tumbleweeds of hair that would drift through the set... I have other Epic Cosplay wigs that do no share this issue, in varying lengths and styles.
Other than the shedding, I've loved this wig.
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