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Helen - Dark Brown

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Helen Dark Brown Bangless Wig

The Helen style is a Dark Brown bangless wig that offers natural look comparable to a lacefront wig. A large skintop strip along the front makes it so that this wig can be parted in a variety of different ways, all while easily hiding the wig's cap and the wearer's natural hairline. The overall length of this Dark Brown bangless wig is 15", with a layered back perfect for styling. Spike it up, smooth it down, or fluff it up for a voluminous, dimensional appearance. Our fibers are tangle resistant, making maintanence and styling an easy job.

Heat resistant fibers make it possible to style this wig Dark Brown bangless wig with heated tools such as flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we don't suggest exceeding 350F, as long-term exposure can potentially change the texture of the fiber). With just a little bit of heat from a blow dryer or flat iron, the part of this wig can be easily changed and locked into place. You can part it to the side or center, brush it back, and even give it bangs all while maintaining the look of a natural hairline. An adjustable, breathable cap makes it so that this Dark Brown bangless Dark Brown wig can be used comfortably by both male and female wearers.

Helen Dark Brown Bangless Wig

Helen Dark Brown Bangless Wig Dimensions:

  • Length: 15"
  • Cap Size: 23"

Helen Dark Brown Bangless Wig Styling Tips:

Here are a few links to get you started on styling and caring for your Helen Dark Brown bangless wig! Our tutorials are easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions that aren’t covered feel free to contact customer support where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

If you're searching for an alternative to lacefront wigs without all the mess and for a fraction fo the price, our Helen style may be exactly what you're looking for. This Dark Brown bangless wig is full of versatility and offers a natural look in a variety of colours and styling options.

Style Description:
Epic Cosplay went the extra mile again, only giving me all the more reason to continue buying from here. The fibers are just are soft, silky, and realistic as I remember. There will be a lot of suspicion that the wig isn't real if you wear it right! The part is not only flexible for styling purposes, but it's very natural and blends well with a skin cap. The color was exactly as advertised, as well. Trimming and styling the item was surprisingly easy, and this has quickly become one of my favorite purchases from Epic Cosplay. I would highly recommend it!
I used this wig for Ymir from Attack on Titan. Shortest layers were shorter than I expected, so pulling this into a low ponytail was difficult, but possible. The faux lacefront/large skintop makes it look a lot more natural than most wigs.
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