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The color ring consists of 63 different EpicCosplay Wigs swatches! The most comprehensive color ring on the web !

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This color ring consists of 63 different EpicCosplay Wigs swatches ! Please see the colors below. The most comprehensive color ring on the web !

AB2: Anime Blue Mix

CLG: Clover Green

FVU: Fusion Vanilla Purple

NB: Natural Blonde

RPL: Royal Purple

AG: Autumn Gold

COB: Cobalt Blue

GG: Gunmetal Grey

OMG: Oh My Green!

S1: Silvery Grey

AO: Autumn Orange

CR: Copper Red

HG: Hazy Grey

PDP2:Princess Dark Pink Mix

SB: Sandy Blonde

AO2: Autumn Orange Mix

CRB: Caramel Brown

IB: Ice Blue

PEB: Peach Blonde

SHG2: Forest Green Mix

ASH: Ash Blonde

CW: Classic White

IP: Ice Purple

PL: Platinum Blonde


B1: Black

DB: Dark Brown

JG: Jade Green

PO: Persimmon Pink

SHU: Purple Black Fusion

BB: Natural Black

DBL: Dark Blue

LB: Light Brown

PPK2:Princess Pink Mix

SM: Sky Magenta

BM: Blonde Mix

DBL2: Dark Blue Mix

LBL2: Light Blue Mix

PUR: Classic Purple

SO: Sunny Orange

BR: Burgundy Red

DM: Dark Plum Purple

LUX: Lux Purple

PUR2: Classic Purple Mix

STR: Strawberry Blonde

BLS: Blue Steel

DR: Dark Red

MA: Matcha Brown

R12: Apply Red Mix

TB2: Teal Blue Mix

BSB: Butterscotch Blonde

EMG: Emerald Green

MBR: Medium Brown

RBSB: Rich Butterscotch Blonde

TG: Tea Green

CBN: Caramel Blonde

FB: Blue Black Fusion

MNB: Middle Night Blue

RPK: Raspberry Pink

VG: Vocaloid Green

CCB: Cocoa Brown

FVP: Fusion Vanilla Pink

MT: Mint Green

RPK2: Raspberry Pink Mix









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12 Reviews


Lilly Davis

I wish it weren’t alphabetical, but the swatches are nice quality!


So this is probably one of the best resources for a wig stylist because sometimes the stock photos arnt the greatest! the only issue I have with this is that it's organized in alphabetical order and i would prefer it in color order for easy comparing :') you also cant reorganize it yourself but asides from that it's great! keep in mind it doesn't have every color that epic offers but it does have most of them


Wonderful for reference!! Only thing is that the ring itself is a little too small to display all the colors at once and it is sorted in alphabetical order. I sorted it in a closer to rainbow order.

Kaitlyn Cook

Amazing! My only complaint is really that it isn't sorted by color - but it isn't in the image - so I don't care! It does it's purpose.

Elizabeth Roth

I’ve found I prefer Epic’s wigs over other wigs so I’m glad to have swatches of the colours! Honestly the online photos don’t do justice to how pretty these are. If you plan on using Epic Cosplay Wigs often I highly reccomend getting the colour wheel

Kara Blumenstein

Having samples of the wig colors is invaluable before purchasing! I only wish the samples were organized by color, which I can do myself, but it would have been nice for them to have come that way. The samples themselves are great though!

Stephanie Rianne

I thought I had purchased this at one point, but it turned out I hadn't! The Color Ring is truly a life saver as it is often difficult to get a true sense of a product's colour online. It has definitely helped me decide on a few colors I was in between for a few upcoming projects. I highly recommend this product.

Alexandra Hasseck

smartest thing I've ever purchased lmao

Jason Davis

Great way to see the colors up close and in your own lighting. At first, I was confused as to which code went to what color. I then realized the codes were the suffixes on the part numbers for ordering. It would be nice to have chart of names and codes packaged with the ring.

Rebecca Klopp

Came quickly the swatches are labeled well and are good quality

Stacey MacMurchie

colours are very nice, the fibres are soft and easy to brush through.


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  • Do you happen to include the Natural Black color? Or will you in the future?

    This does not include the Natural Black sample yet but we will put in a request to our production team. Thank you!