Autumn Gold Chronos Cosplay Wig used for Ambitious Elf Jinx - League of Legends

EpicCosplay wig: Chronos in Autumn Gold for Ambitious Elf Jinx cosplay from League of Legends

Are you looking for a little bit of holiday-themed cosplay inspiration to help you prepare for the winter convention season? Get into a festive spirit with this Ambitious Elf Jinx cosplay by MiryokuCosplay! This skin was released as part of the Snowdown 2017 event, certainly becoming a quick favorite with Jinx mains.

MiryokuCosplay shares a few important links to credits and sources below. Then, keep reading to learn even more about the wig components from EpicCosplay that went into crafting such an accurate style for this character.

  • Feb 04, 2019
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