March Restock is HERE!

We know a lot of you have been waiting for certain wigs to be restocked and thankfully, a lot of them have arrived! Here's the breakdown:
Aether in Black (01B1)
Selene in Black (04B1)
Selene in Classic White (04CW)
Selene in Lux Purple (04LUX)
Helios in Classic White (05mCW)
Nyx in Autumn Orange (11AO)
Nyx in Ash Blonde (11ASH)
Nyx in Black (11B1)
Nyx in Caramel Blonde (11CBN)
Nyx in Copper Red (11CR)
Nyx in Classic White (11CW)
Nyx in Dark Brown (11DB)
Nyx in Dark Red (11DR)
Nyx in Blue Black Fusion (11FB)
Nyx in Natural Blonde (11NB)
Nyx in Princess Dark Pink (11PDP)
Nyx in Royal Purple (11RPL)
Nyx in Silvery Grey (11S1)

Persephone in Black (11B1)
Persephone in Dark Red (11DR)
Persephone in Natural Blonde (11NB)
Persephone in Princess Dark Pink (11PDP)
Persephone in Royal Purple (11RPL)

Athena in Black (19B1)
Athena in Classic White (19CW)
Athena in Dark Red (19DR)
Athena in Light Brown (19LB)
Athena in Natural Blonde (19NB)
  • Mar 18, 2015
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