New Style+Color Combos have arrived!

Bringing out new products is so exciting! Here's a list of wigs that are completely brand new and are ready to purchase! 


Chronos in Teal Blue

Hestia in Midnight Blue

Nyx in Tea Green

Persephone in Golden Blonde

Persephyone in Navy Blue

Athena in Blonde Mix

Demeter in Caramel Blonde

Hermes in Dark Red

Hermes in Purple Black Fusion

Diana in Cocoa Brown

Diana in Natural Blonde

Hera in Golden Blonde

Hera in Royal Purple

Hera in Teal Blue

Atlas in Walnut Brown

Ponytail Base in Autumn Gold

Ponytail Base in Ash Blonde

Ponytail Base in Classic White

Ponytail Base in Light Brown

Ponytail Base in Royal Purple

Ponytail Base in Purple Back Fusion

Ponytail Base in Walnut Brown

  • Jun 24, 2016
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