Pokemon Gijinka Winners

We want to thank everyone who participated in the contest and everyone who voted for their favorite Pokemon Gijinka cosplay.

The three winners of this contest will have their photos displayed on various promotional images for EpicCosplay Wigs for about one month. In addition, their photo will be printed on at least 2000 EpicCosplay Wigs business cards and "packed by" cards which are typically handed out at conventions and included in every online order.

The top winner will receive a $100 EpicCosplay Wigs gift certificate. The other two winners will each receive a $50 EpicCosplay Wigs gift certificate. Each winner will receive an EpicCosplay Wigs t-shirt.

Here are the results!


Photo: Camille F & Danny Tang

Original Concept Art: Cowslip

EpicCosplay Wig: Phoebe in Dark Red

  • Dec 08, 2016
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