Valentine’s Day Photo Contest

Epic Cosplay’s Valentine’s Day Photo Contest Rules

Brighten our blog and fan page with your cute and romantic photos for Valentine’s Day! Be our valentine by entering following these rules:

  • One photo entry per person. Pick your best photo if you do a set! Yes, we’d love to see them all, but just include a link to the rest and we’ll share it along with your entry.
  • Must be Valentines day themed to qualify. Think chocolates, hearts, romance!~
    Note: Photos of couples or red/pink costumes do not automatically qualify. The photo must have Valentine’s Day themes included in it (like gift giving, valentines cards, chocolates, romantic settings, or behavior that conveys the holiday.)
    Solo entries are welcome and encouraged! Judging is based solely on the theme. In other words, entering with a good concept is likely to impress our judges more than a plain couples photo with no Valentines theme, even if you enter alone.
  • Photos need to be nicely composed and thought out. Photos don’t need to be professionally shot but photos like cell phone pictures in a mirror will not qualify. Photoshop is allowed, but selfies with a heart filter won’t be accepted.
  • Photo should feature a Cosplay or Lolita coordinate as the main focus of the image. Yes, Lolitas! We want to see you too! Bring out those cute prints and grab the chocolates!
  • Cosplayers, you don’t need to be cosplaying a specific character to enter. Cute maids and animal kigurumis qualify too! You can be creative with this!
  • The photo can feature more than one person, but awards will be given solely to the main entrant.
  • You don’t have to use our products to enter but if you are wearing an EpicCosplay wig, let us know the color and style!
  • Keep it clean, folks! All entries need to be rated G to PG so I’m sorry but pack away those questionable dakimakura… unless you plan to comically censor them!

To enter:
Submit your photo to with the title ‘2014 Valentines Day Contest Entry’ by 11:30pm PST 2/14/14  with your full name as well as how you wish to be credited online.
Include a link to yourself on social media of some sort to verify your identity. This can be a Facebook page, tumblr, twitter, or personal blog/website. Submit photos that you have permission to share, and feature you in it.
In other words, don’t send us photos of someone who is not you. You’ll get caught and the internet will rage. Trust me, you don’t want to make the internet rage on Valentine’s day. It might get ugly.

By entering you allow Epic Cosplay to use your photos on our social media accounts, website, and blog as well as for online advertisement purposes.
EpicCosplay reserves the right to change or update contest rules at any time.
Qualification is based on the above criteria and is at the discretion of Epic Cosplay’s staff. Entries that do not meet our guidelines will be disqualified. We still love you, though!

Now to PRIZES!

ALL QUALIFYING ENTRIES GET A PRIZE!  By entering, you’ll receive a $5 certificate to our online store!

Grand Prize: $100 gift certificate to

First Runner Up: $50 gift certificate to

Honorable Mention: $25 gift certificate to

Winners will be selected by Epic Cosplay staff on 2/15/14.

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