Nike - Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig

Product Code: 16CRBDB

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Nike Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig

Our Nike style Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig is a short undercut wig with longer bangs, perfect for all your undercut character needs. This wig is perfect for either cosplay or daily wear, with no need for the commitment of shaving your own head or maintaining split coloring. Our adjustable, breathable 23” cap makes this Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig capable of fitting all head sizes comfortably. The Nike style comes in several different color combinations, available to view here.

The bangs of this Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig reach 10" from the crown and can be styled and cut in a variety of ways, making many looks possible. The shortest part of this undercut is 6” on the back, layering over and covering the start of the undercut portion. The undercut itself comes in at 1” and starts a few wefts away from the crown of the wig leaving several inches covered by the longer hair above it. Our heat resistant fiber, capable of withstanding heat up to 410 degrees Fahrenheit (though we suggest not exceeding 350F, as long-term exposure can change the texture of the fiber) make it possible to take styling tools such as flat irons and blow dryers to this wig.

The Nike style wig is useful for many characters, such as Jean from Attack on Titan, Mob from Mob Psycho 100, Bow from the Netflix She-Ra reboot and even Shiro from the Netflix Voltron if you add his signature white streak.

Nike Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig Dimensions

  • Cap Size: 22"
  • Top Length: 6-10"
  • Undercut Length: 1"

Nike Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig Styling Tips

Here are a few links to get you started on styling and caring for your Nike Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig! Our tutorials are easy to understand and follow. If you have any questions that aren’t covered feel free to contact customer support where our knowledgeable staff will be happy to help!

A lightweight and incredibly versatile hairstyle can now be easily achieved without hassle or long-term commitment. Our Nike Caramel Brown (Dark Brown Undercut) Wig is perfect for use in cosplay, costuming, and every day life by everyone.


Ask a Question
  • hello, i was just wondering if the hair could be dyed. i want this wig for an aubrey little cosplay and i need the top hair to be red

    Hello, yes it is possible to dye this wig. Please see our dye guide here.